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Send and receive whatever you need and whenever you need.
Parcels, packages, letters. Straight from your home or business. Quick, safe, intuitive and convenient.

Your private parcel machine at your home or business without the need for a power supply and internet network? It's possible!

The PickApp Box products make courier collection and delivery, neighbourhood and business exchanges and the operation of a box diet extremely simple. What’s more, installation requires no unnecessary renovation or construction work. One device replaces the parcel machine, letterbox and makes waiting for a courier or customer a thing of the past.
Pick convenience and save time with the PickApp Box.

See how simple the installation is

Forget about waiting for the courier, the journey to delivery and collection points or soaked parcels left at the door. Meet the PickApp Box – a device with which you can safely pick up and send parcels without leaving your property. It’s all available without any additional repair and installation work. All you have to do is use the app on your smartphone.

It’s also a great solution for handing over parcels, correspondence, packages and small items at any time without the need to involve a third party in companies, institutions, for short-term rental premises, as well as among family and neighbours. There are so many possible applications of the device, that we probably haven’t discovered them all ourselves yet.

The PickApp Box is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery which, when charged, e.g. with a powerbank, will power the device for almost a year. It also does not require internet access, as it communicates with your smartphone via the built-in Bluetooth module. You do not need to worry about connecting a power cable or accessing the internet.

Place the PickApp Box in a convenient location, install the app and connect to your device. Encourage a courier or friend to download the app, grant them access by entering their phone number and send parcels and exchange items*.

*Delivery by courier or friend is done without installing the app.

PickApp Box app

With the PickApp Box app, you intuitively pick up and send shipments, as well as decide who has access to the device – both as the owner and as a friend/courier.

With one app, you can connect to multiple devices, manage them and also receive shipments.

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